Posted: December 23, 2010 in News

You know I hear the word Brother being used alot

Just cause you ride on two wheels you think you’re hot

You call me your Brother, well no you’re not

You ain’t my Brother, to me you ain’t squat

Let me tell you about my Brothers and what I got

They help me get thru my daily strife

If I get into a frey, they’ll even take a knife

Cause I have Brothers
who will give their life

I don’t think you could 
I don’t even think you should

But I know my Brothers would

You wont even ride unless your clothes matches

Wearing that vest with them store bought patches

You think you’re cool cause you wear black

Yea wear that vest, see if you don’t get a smack

Brothers take it serious, the patches on our back

You think you’re tough cause you have names like “Wheels” and “Dozer”

You didn’t earn those names 
You’re just a poser

My Brothers have names they earned on the road

“Two Guns” got his cause of the life he sewed

He’s in jail, but he has Brothers that help him carry the load

So next time you call someone Brother

You better make sure you understand what it means to another

Or you may just find yourself six feet under

Wheels Forever, Forever Wheels!

– Author Unknown WOSMC


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