Tales Of A Dinosaur

Posted: April 24, 2011 in News
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IMG_3255Easter 1976 started with a clear crisp morning best I can remember of it. We had gathered that morning for a pre breakout get together with our motorcycles all shinned up ready ta go. The location we chose to start off this event was at Princess Avenue in Camden NJ. The street was jamming, bikes lined up precision like for all to see.
The local written and aired news was still alive with the recent arrest of WHEELS brother Deacon for that years February 29th pipe bomb death of a member of the Thunderguard M.C. at their Norristown chapter club house.
At point is an understatement of that day’s mood shared by all in attendance. Thick was sentry to be found at the normal suspect locations. All were living to the fullest that day’s sounds and smells of our gathering.
Alert shot thru us all as a Cadillac sedan came over the tracks in our direction. More so because of the vehicles pace than its make as it slowed in our direction. I had wandered from the crowd and street in the direction of an out building as nearer the vehicle approached. I could see from my vantage point that officers from Mother and Camden were being drawn to that that was suspiciously encroaching. A stillness settled in as the seasoned members took station.
The car came to a halt in front of my direct line of vision only to become obsolete as membership smothered its view. After a few moments that played out forever, a shout came from a single voice. Out of this direction of intense focus could be heard by all, the demand ………COTTON!
Attention from the entire body drew down on me as eyes found my location. A sense of unspoken urgency lingered in the air as I was ushered towards this vehicle of suspicion.
A burning I could feel from all eyes that followed my progress forward.
When finally the window lowered completely I found myself face to face with my mother as she handed me my Easter basket and asked for help unloading the 10 extra large pizza’s she had brought for the brothers to share.
Your memory is with me MA, Deacon……..rest in peace.

Happy Easter all!



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