Drop us a line. ~WFFW~

  1. Is there someone in texas i could talk to about becoming a member? i live in el paso, tx. you can e-mail me at woodard.sterling@gmail.com or call me at 915-208-7987

  2. this is a line from VANDAL for my bro TIKI…call me 702.330.7152…WFFW!!

  3. crazyindianold56 says:

    I had a question pertaining to membership,does a person absolutely have to have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to considered for membership?and does the NATION have a chapter in Mobile,Alabama which is located right there on the gulf coast?

  4. crazyindianold56 says:

    Still interesting in knowing if there’s a chapter in Mobile,Alabama,as I stated before that’s my family’s home town?

  5. crazyindianold56 says:

    I just be asking a simple question and I don’t agree with posting all of my private information on this screen or any other for that matter!furthermore at the present I ain’t riding anything,I plan to purchase my Harley Davidson before this year ends……

  6. crazyindianold56 says:

    Ripcityrocker” I respect the Creed,and I must say you are indeed a Hardliner and for that reason alone I respect the “NATION” even more!!!

  7. guttertorque says:

    Hey guys. G here Australia Triumph Rocket III is my ride 30 yrs in the saddle and still going strong next time I come to the States (was there last year and rode 7000miles) I will make a point of looking you lads up/


    • crazyindianold56 says:

      Yo listen here!I am just an admirer not a full-patched member and you b hollerin at me like something I am not nor do I pretend to b!!!I have the unmost respect for these guys and the “Nation” as a whole……
      crazyindianold56 aka “Tono”

  8. rambro06 says:

    Whats up Ripcityrocker? Hey just lettin you know I have been tryin to find out if the wheels in my area are recruiting or not. I sent you my info. Please hit me back soon so I know whats up. I see you got WOS in Washington now. Thats whats up! Im originally from Tacoma.


  9. John Ireland says:

    Hey hey what’s up…? Get a chapter up here in north Colorado…!!!


  10. yo I’m very interested. im in washington state. i ride a hayabusa if i can get more info that would be great.my email is nixon.joshuar@gmail.com and phone# 760*678*8225 thanx

  11. nomadclev says:

    Is there a chapter in mass?

  12. frank6470 says:

    Ok, Mr Wheel, I’m not really club wise but even as a rookie in the “biker world”, one would figure I’d be foolish to give you any photos of myself and or any personal contact numbers; However, I would be happy to meet with one of your representatives to discuss all the parameters of what it takes to be part of your organization. I don’t mean nor am i trying to be disrespectful but one has to be cautious……….. so, perhaps a little pro-quo? I’m white, I live in Tigard, Oregon, Im 47, and I sold my Sportster and now ride a 2006 Bagger. I’m not a Rottweiler and have spent most my mid years in school..So lets say we meet so I’m talking to a face instead of a keyboard????? Frank.

  13. bryangrant98 says:

    I’m Bryan G from Newark, NJ 22 years old Black male club sounds good maybe some day I’ll come in for now I’ll get that Education I love bikes & cars mostly sport bikes but I do like victory & Harley’s question is there any young brothers in NJ ?

  14. Cat Amp says:

    Has anyone had a response on here lately? I’m trying to find a chapter in Clarksville TN or Bessemer Alabama

  15. Marc Jones says:

    hey just wanting to know if the mc has a place in so cal? Interested in the mc

  16. hey man just want to let yall know i watched a 53 minute video on youtube about some of the things yall do and belive and represent specially with the kids and how yall help out with the community and I just wanted to say that i have nothing but respect for ya’ll and what you got goin on and say keep on riding man and i wish there were more clubs out there such as ya’ll with the type of brotherhood you have an put the BS aside with the black white brown shit and come togther because as everyone can see if they would just look at ya’ll and listen to whats being said and down it can happen and needs to be done by more. I think yall are a great example of how things should be done in aspects of the community and people doin for one another and once again would just like to say even from all the way in south mississippi man i have nothing but the highest respect.

  17. Gabriel Ross says:

    I’m in Cincinnati ohio, Northern Kentucky… are there any chapters this way? I saw the youtube movie on Wheels of Soul and been riding forever… but being a black man never thought a club existed for me. Just want to know more about the brotherhood, a real brotherhood where my skin ain’t a problem!


  18. Carol M says:

    Just saw a whole bunch of y’all riding up past Birmingham, AL. I had to turn off right before Huntsville, but it was pretty cool to see everybody doing their thing. Saw the patches and looked you guys up and wanted to say hi. Riding a motorcycle has always been on my bucketlist so it was fun to watch. My husband and I still have little kids, but hopefully one day we can invest some money in a bike and maybe we’ll see you guys on the road. Y’all have a nice night and a fun ride!

  19. hello my name is William I an trying to locate a friend of my fathers his name is rob Williams his nick name is “instigator” my fathers name was “satan” u can email me or call me ny email is dalewj@students.fscj.edu or my cell is 9045760935

  20. Frank DeCota says:

    I watched your video about the homeless vet at the citco gas station and as a Vet and biker I want to say thank you! Righteous brothers, righteous!

  21. George Will says:

    SHAWN G in Denver is a federal informant your Bro’s in Colorado should be careful

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