If you are 18 years of age or older, male and own a motorcycle with a minimum displacement of 750cc, you may have what it takes to begin the journey to becoming a Wheels Of Soul Nation, MC member. We have chapters in every region of the United States and representatives who will be happy to discuss your options with you. The Wheels Of Soul Nation, MC is not structured to facilitate all applicant’s success in becoming a member. Our lifestyle is not recommended for everyone. Though it has it’s rewards,  The Wheels Of Soul Nation, MC is not about being rewarded….it’s about  brotherhood.  -WFFW-


  1. crazyindianold56 says:

    To whom this may concerns,

    How does one go about to become eligible to be considered for membership in the club?a respond to this question would be a welcoming reply….

  2. crazyindianold56 says:

    The name would be Jake A. Harris Jr,and leaving a number would be next to impossible,because I can’t talk on the phone as I am deaf!!!as for a photo ID you are kidding me,right!I don’t even know how to even post it to be honest!!!!

  3. livewire2 says:

    Looking 4 some Wheels in the NC area or any Wheels that can help …I am now President of the Street Goonz MC under the W.O.S just trying to get our Brotherhood Suppport Patch
    Que 919 455 5877

  4. My name is Jonathan N. Woodard. My dad is Tramp. I grew up around the Mother until I left for the Military. I’m here in Beaumont, Texas. I will like to know if there is a chapter in southeast Texas? My email woodardjn@yahoo.com.

  5. rambro06 says:

    I’m a 40 yr old black male in Colorado Springs and I’m interested in checking out the Wheels of Soul. Do you have an email I can send you my contact info to?


  6. frank6470 says:

    So I’m a independent rider and thinking of possibly joining a club in or around Portland . your club sounds interesting but I’ve heard that any new clubs have to get the ok from the other existing clubs to call Portland home and from what I know to be true that’s the Gypsy Jokers,Brother Speed,and the Outsiders. Is there any truth to this and if so have the Wheels of Souls received said ok? I just want to know what I’d be getting into…..

  7. My stepdad was Mike Chiaccio who owned Chiaccio Motors Honda Shop in Riverside, NJ. He sold bikes to you guys in Camden. My mom and Mike were even invited to your clubhouse on a few occasions. My mom died 4 years ago and Mike died about 2 years ago. I just want you to know that my mom always felt such amazing respect from you. And I understand that you treated Mike like a King! My stepdad is my Hero! He and my mom raised me to be a teacher and a good person. They meant the world to me. My mom worked in a factory her whole life. I miss her so much. We never had much, but some things will ALWAYS leave an impression on me. I was a teenager in the 1970’s and I will just never forget how you made my mom and stepdad feel. You made them feel important, special, respected, and appreciated. My mom and Mike never forgot that either. For that, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Some of the names I remember were, Cornflake and God. I just want you to know that you made an impression in my life from the respect you showed to my mom and dad.
    Thank you so much,
    Wendy Cunningham

    • tylermedley says:

      Hi Wendy ! ,
      I know this is very late , but Cornflake is my father. I read him your message and it made so happy to know that you guys remember him. He also remembers you all and sends positive vibes your way.

  8. LL&R to The Wheels Of Soul Nation

  9. ace22wos says:

    im the son of harold”roadrunner”stephenson,south jersey president of WOS.If u dont kno who he is i kindly ask u do your research.he pasted away 4 years ago but his legacy goes on.im 20yrs old i ride a soft tail nd i dont give 2 shit about the law.i guess its in my blood.Wheels have been apart of my life b4 i was created. since my dad death the club has changed alot.these new riders dont kno the meaning of brotherhood nd the history of this club.i will be a wheel.nd wen im am it will be back 2 the foundation days wen wheels were not 2 be fucked with.WFFW!!!

  10. lizpywa says:

    Are ya located in washington? Im getting a victory real soon & love the fact that race isnt a problem for ya guys.

  11. I’m trying to get in touch with any Wheels in North Carolina…. Please reply to this…. or text me at 919-727-4159… Thanks

  12. looking for a chapter near Baltimore MD

  13. Do u brother have a chapter in North California. If not r u guy going open one up here and how do I becomea real member with my brother who r looking for a brother hood clubs? Reply when ever

    • I’m a 37 yr old black male in California and I want to know if there is there a WOS CHAPTER in Nor Cal?

      Here in Nor Cal there are MC clubs that are somewhat multicultural but I’m looking for a BROTHERHOOD that honors REAL DIVERSITY…and NOT just in certain chapters.

      Diversity is blooded in me…that’s my foundation!!! I belong to a multicultural fraternity and I know the true meaning of BROTHERHOOD (TDDUP).

      Get back at me when you can upliftbulldawgs@yahoo.com

  14. Brother me and my friends I should say brother r look for a real club but with real ppl no matter what race they don’t have that in North cali I left com in dfrnt part of your guys sit sorry for that lol. But we need to find a real club with real brother

  15. My name is Adikshun. I need to know if there is a chapter near Fort Myers, FL. I’m a member of the Zodiac Starz SC in Jacksonville, FL which is the support group for Zodiac Ryders MC. From my understanding Zodiac Ryders MC are under the umbrella of the Wheels of Soul. I now live in collier county. I was wondering if there were any clubs in associated with in the area. Feel free to email me @ mandylr0924@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance.

  16. Im interested in prospecting. Im in the Pa area about 45 mins from your philly chapter.

  17. What’s going on WOS, I’m not in any MC at the moment but I’m looking to join one. The names Drake and I wanted to know if you guys have a chapter near Orlando Florida?

  18. Hi am the prez /founder of untamed Vixens sc am frm south jersey an would like to knw who I would have to meet with to get our blessings to wear our colors we are just starting out we are all frm atlantic county we are a group of 5 ova 30 an trying to give bck untamed Vixens stands for single women that are handling there business without the help of a man an caring there self with respect an looking good at 30 so can someone please contact me @ madi11.mtc@gmail.com thk you Ms.Showout Prez/Founder

  19. My name is Dave and I am looking to start a club in NC and I was told by to talk to W.O.S. as the Dominant club. Please hi me up when you have some time – 828-216-6613 I would appreciate it.

  20. i have been trying for two days contacting the member WOS that called me and told me where to meet up with WOS to talk about me starting my own MC, i dont know if the number is disconected or not i cant get throght i never got a time to be there and what to bring if some1 could call me back (828) 216-6613

  21. bigmarc1 says:

    My name is Marcus Siler I live in Little Rock Arkansas do you have a chapter down here? Marc_siler73@yahoo.com,501-310-5837

  22. I am a VP of a brotherhood MC and would really appreciate someone to contact me back about a matter on this page thank you

  23. kefsan says:

    Are there any chapters in ct? I’m really interested in your club. Of I have to ride to pa I will tho. My name is keif and I’m serious 8609932752

  24. Damon Mosley says:

    My name damon mosley I don’t have much to say online but wish to be contacted hit me 4434250026

  25. I am looking for anyone from the Philadelphia MC that knew my dad. His name is Charles Radford aka Horse.

    My email is tracey.caraballo@gmail.com

  26. Gabriel Ross says:

    I’m in Cincinnati ohio, Northern Kentucky… are there any chapters this way? I saw the youtube movie on Wheels of Soul and been riding forever… but being a black man never thought a club existed for me. Just want to know more about the brotherhood, a real brotherhood where my skin ain’t a problem!


  27. saint0902 says:

    Good Evening,
    I’m looking to prospect to a WOS chapter in Las Vegas, NV if there is one? If there isn’t a chapter in Sin City, then a So Cal or Arizona Chapter instead?



  28. biggbizz2418 says:

    Im interested in our mc supporting the Wheels. We have a very good relationship with BTM in Indianapolis In. If u could give us some details on what all u would need from us just let us know. U can reach me at rjw2418@gmail.com. i seen u require name and a pic of my id so ill send that to u asap. The name is Ryan Willard aka BiggBizz

    • Wendy Cunningham says:

      Hi…I wrote to you once before about my step-dad, Mike Chiaccio.  Mike owned a Honda Shop in Riverside, NJ.  You all bought bikes from Mike.  There were times when you came to my Mom’s house for parties, etc.  My Mom and Mike were invited to your clubhouse in Camden, NJ.  They went there many times and had so much fun!  I remember them mentioning names like, “Cornflake” and “God.”  I was just a young teenager at the time…this was in the 1970’s.  Mike said that we were some sort of honorary members for life because he gave you good deals on your bikes.  My Mom always said the you treated her and Mike with such respect and you were very kind to them.I would like to ask you something.  I am sure that you guys are busy and you probably have all new members and maybe don’t even remember my stepdad and Mom, but I have nothing to lose to ask this of you.  A friend of mine rides and he has some patches “colors” from friends of his who ride.  My Stepdad died a couple of years ago.  My Mom died the year before him.  I would LOVE to have colors from your club!  I want that connection because my stepdad always told me that we were always safe in knowing you.  I know that it is a very special thing for you to give out colors to someone.  I hope you find me worthy.  If not, I still want you to know that you were an important part of my childhood.  Thank you for making such a great impression on my Mom and thank you for buying your bikes from my stepdad, Mike Chiaccio!  Thanks,Wendy (Macchioni) Cunningham


  30. saint0902 says:

    I’m interested in membership. Could someone put me in contact with the Oregon Chapter. A gentleman in the Connecticut Chapter told me I would have to ask to join the Oregon Chapter, since he didn’t know anyone in the California. A copy of my ID has been sent.

    Gordon Gradney
    aka J~Black
    North Las Vegas, NV


  31. Thank you so much for your kind words! You just made my day! What a small world this is! Please give your dad my love. It feels good to connect with someone from the past who remembers my mom and Mike. Someone who they thought so highly of! I am gonna be 55 years old and I still remember hearing about “Cornflake” and how nice he always was! Please thank him again for making such a positive impression in my mom and dad’s life.

    I taught in the Willingboro School district and moved to Alabama about 7 years ago. I live in Harvest, Alabama and you and your dad are welcome here any time you might be in the area. My husband and I would be honored to have you!

    Thank you again for your kind response! You guys ROCK!!!!

    Take Care!


  32. tyrianodin says:

    I was wondering where I can introduce myself to your Denver chapter.

  33. You guys have any chapters in the Grand Rapids Michigan area?

  34. kono gibbons says:

    Hello I am interested in joining the Wheels of Soul I am located in savannah GA. My name is Kono Gibbons I’m 19 yrs. old. I would like to know is there anybody I can talk to bout starting A new chapter here. I heard they where trying to if that’s true please let me know. If you can help me out please contact me asap.

    Kono Gibbons
    Savannah, GA

  35. Peace! Need a question answered. Do you remember “Blade” of the Ghetto Riders in Camden Nj in the 90s? he was the Prez for a while!

  36. monroe82190 says:

    Is there any chapters near Augusta, GA I am getting out of the military and I wanna hangaround…

  37. Interested in info on how to join club

  38. Jah Bless says:

    m from staten island new york and we do not have a black 1% club here, I was wondering if there was any possibility in you opening a charter here on staten island. I used to be in a support club under 81 and was told no black members will ever be 1% so im looking to either join the ny charter or start my own and wonder how do i go about doing so. my # is 347-465-3923

  39. Kody Black says:

    i am 19 y/o white male who rides a HARLEY SPORTSTER 1200 and i was wondering if my bike would make the cut and as to weather or not i my self make the cut

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